MRI – General Information

MRI ie Magnetic Resonance Imaging Body scanning is recommended for diagnosing many diseases. Using the magnetic field and radio waves, the MRI machine takes a detailed picture of the body parts. MRI is a great way to compare between different soft tissues of the body. Especially the brain, spine, joint and cancer patients are advised to get checked through computed tomography (CT) or MRI technology. Significantly, unlike CT scan or traditional X-rays MRI does not use ionizing radiation.

When do you need a MRI?

MRI is used to obtain the image of every organ of the body. MRI investigation is recommended to detect brain, spine, joints,neck,abdomen pelvic disease among other diseases. It is mostly advisable if patients have headache, fits, brain tumor, backache, spine injury, joint diseases, joint trauma, soft tissue swelling, abdominal disease , pelvic diseases etc.


What is a MRI Machine?

Mostly MRI machine looks like a long tube, with a large magnet attached to its circular section. During MRI, the patient lies on the table which slides inside the MRI machine. The body part, of which the MRI is to be done, is covered with a coil. Coil is a part of this machine that catches MR signals. These signals are then analysed by the pre- programmed centralized programmer which are then beamed on to the monitors and recorded.

How much time is taken for MRI investigation ?

It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete the MRI investigation. However, it can change according to the part of the body to be scanned or the disease for which the scanning is being done.

Does a patient get nervous during the examination?

There is no need to panic before the MRI examinatiion, because there is no pain during the investigation, nor does the patient suffer from any type of discomfort. Human Beings cannot feel any kind of radio waves, so patients cannot even feel the waves being used during MRI.

Yes, during a checkup process, a kind of sharp sound can definitely disturb them. If that is the case, the patient can ask for an earplug to be put in the ear or patients can enjoy music with the help of a headphone.


What are the preparations needed before the investigation ?

The patient does not have to make certain preparations before getting the MRI examination. The doctor first asks the patient to change into a gown. Then the patient is advised to remove body-worn accessories such as jewelry or other metallic things.

In fact all metallic objects are removed from the patient as the magnets used by the machine are so strong that they can cause severe body damage and also interfere in the results. Patients with implant, aneurysmal clips, pacemaker should inform the technician before examination starts.

Where to get the MRI done? 

MRI testing requires , MRI machine and electricity, backed by technically competent Doctor and technicians. This is the reason why one should go to a reputed Diagnostic Center which has all of the above available.


 This facility is available at Mahi Diagnostic Center, where the latest technology is available and equally competent Doctor’s and technicians  are ready to provide all assistance. 

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              Mahi Diagnostic Center, Opp Picadilly Hotel, Kanpur Road Ph;0522 4074409



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